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Vancouver Tourist Bargains

Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011 | Informasi
Vancouver Tourist Bargains - Vancouver, as everyone knows, is a great city to visit. But with popularity comes a sticker shock; tourist attractions are expensive. So what are the alternatives if you are visiting Vancouver, and you are on a budget. I like to suggest a few things, For more details, Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge:
Unlike its cousin, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, this bridge is free. Yes, free, and it is very nice. Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is situated within a well-maintained provincial park, and has a suspension bridge which although smaller than the commercial cousin, is nonetheless beautiful. You also get a chance to hike next to the river, for incredible natural beauty and physical fitness.

Grouse Mountain “Grouse Grind”
You can take a gondola ride to the Grouse Mountain for a fee which is not cheap, but a cheaper and healthier alternative is to hike up The Grind (as known to locals), and then get a one-way inexpensive gondola ride ticket down. Make sure to visit the coffee shop with incredible views and other attractions (for example the free movie theater) while you are up there.

Queen Elizabeth Park:
While you can visit the famous Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, that entails steep entrance fees and ferry fees. How about instead visiting Queen Elizabeth “Queen E” park in the heart of Vancouver. If you visit on weekends, you will also see newlyweds and their families and friends taking pictures, making for a great outing.

So it is possible to enjoy Vancouver on the cheap. You just have to study about the options available before embarking on your tourist adventure.